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Zen Products Serenity neutralizes odors from smoke, food, sanitation and decomposition in any space. Serenity does not mask odors, it eliminates them unlike inferior products

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Feed your microbes! Molashish contains a powerful combination of sugars, mineral cocktail with an Amino Vitamin push only seen in the sticky sweetness of the Far East.

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Zen Strength delivers plants elevated levels of Silica and Potash. It can be used with any nutrient line and grow medium. Silica aids in building plant tissue by strengthening cell walls.

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Candy Man can because he makes the world taste great! For the gardener with a sweet tooth, Zen Products Candy Man is specifically brewed to enhance production and fragrance of oil producing plants.

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O’Calm Down is for the “Natural” or “Organic” gardener needing to lower the pH of the plant fertilizer. It not only lowers the pH of nutrient solutions but also chelates minerals and feeds the natural soil biology.

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Customers have long known of the benefits and ease of using aeroponic cloners. Zen Products has spared no expense in putting together this amazing 12-site unit. Our aeroponic Zen cloner works, every time!

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We are proud Michigan natives working to push hydroponic innovations to Michigan clients and beyond! We engineer solutions that are functionally elegant exceeding customer expectations with the best possible value.

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